Public Business Media is collaborative nonprofit scrutinizing the economic, environmental and social implications of business actions.

We invest in public interest journalism that takes us beyond the bottom lines of individual companies or the personalities in the boardroom and shows us the intersection between business and the wider world. This kind of reporting has never been more important. Many of the driving transformations of our age are fundamentally economic, with companies bearing as much or more influence over them as governments or private citizens. They should be core areas for the world’s top newsrooms.

But this kind of reporting is imperiled. It is expensive, at a time when news organizations face severe cost constraints. It runs counter to the investing advice-oriented outlook that dominates the business newsdesk. And it requires a set of investigative skills and financial expertise that many reporters do not have. We enable journalists to overcome these obstacles, by providing research grants to reporters and by organizing training programs for reporters and editors.

We extend the work of scrutinizing business beyond the newsroom. We facilitate open data and document exchange between journalists, academics and nonprofit researchers, and we cultivate public debate about business on our website and via our events.


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